Electrical Engineering 16B: Designing Information Devices and Systems II

Murat Arcak, Seth R. Sanders, Spring 2020
Notes by Vanshaj Singhania

DateLecture Topic
January 21Introduction
January 23Transistors
January 28Transient Analysis, Differential Equations
January 30Delays, RC Circuits
February 4Diagonalization, Vector Differential Equations
February 6Diagonalization, Inductors
February 11Complex Eigenvalues
February 13Phasors
February 18Phasors Summary, Bode Plots
February 20Frequency Domain
February 25State Space Representation of Dynamic Models
February 27Equilibrium Points
March 3Vector Systems, Discrete Time Systems
March 5Discretization
March 10Discretization, Controllability
March 12Controllability, System Identification
March 17System ID, Introduction to SVD
March 19Singular Value Decomposition Procedures
March 31Properties of SVD
April 2Applications of SVD
April 7Minimum Norm Solution, Stability
April 9Stability
April 14State Feedback Control
April 16Feedback, Some Controllability Proofs

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