Electrical Engineering 16A: Designing Information Devices and Systems I

Gireeja Ranade, Bernhard E. Boser, Fall 2019
Notes by Vanshaj Singhania

DateLecture Topic
August 29Introduction

Module 1

DateLecture Topic
August 29Imaging
September 3Vectors & Gaussian Elimination
September 5Gaussian Elimination & Matrix-Vector Multiplication
September 10Proofs & Linear Dependence
September 12Linear Dependence, Linear Transformations, Matrix-Matrix Multiplication
September 17Matrix Inversion
September 19Null Spaces
September 24Spaces
September 26Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Eigenspaces
October 1More Eigenstuff & Recap

Module 2

DateLecture Topic
October 3Introduction to Circuits
October 8Node Voltage Analysis
October 15Power, Energy, Passive Sign Convention, 2D Touch
October 17Equivalence, Amplifiers, Superposition
October 22Thevenin, Norton Equivalence
October 24Capacitors
October 29Capacitive Touch, Comparators, Energy
October 31Capacitive Touch Drift, Operational Amplifiers
November 5Gain, NVA for Op-Amps, Current Sources
November 7Circuit Design

Module 3

DateLecture Topic
November 12ML Problem 1: Classification
November 14ML Problem 2: Estimation
November 19ML Problem 3: Fitting Data Using Least Squares
November 21ML Problem 4: Prediction
November 26Greedy Algorithms for Machine Learning
December 3Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Continued
December 5OMP for Imaging, Validation

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