Electrical Engineering 126: Probability and Random Processes

Thomas Courtade, Spring 2020
Notes taken by Vanshaj Singhania

DateLecture Topic
January 19Introduction, Probability Basics
January 21Bayes Rule, Independence, Random Variables
January 26Random Variables, Expectation
January 28Binomials, Variance, Correlation
February 2Entropy, Continuous Distributions
February 4Gaussian Distributions, Continuous Bayes
February 9Conditional Variance, Order Statistics, Convolution
February 11MGFs, Bounds/Concentration Inequalities
February 16Convergence, Law of Large Numbers, Central Limit Theorem
February 23Information Theory, Binary Erasure
February 25Achievability, Information Transmission
March 2Discrete Markov Chains
March 4Classification of States, Big Theorem of Markov Chains

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