Computer Science 70: Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory

Babak Ayazifar, Anant Sahai, Spring 2020
Notes by Vanshaj Singhania

DateLecture Topic
January 21Introduction, Logic
January 23Proofs
January 28Induction
January 30Stable Matching
February 4Well-Ordering Principle, Optimality
February 6Graphs, Trees
February 11Modular Arithmetic
February 13Chinese Remainder Theorem, Fermat's Little Theorem
February 18RSA Cryptography
February 20Secret Sharing, Lagrange Interpolation
February 25Error-Correcting Codes
February 27More Error Correction, General Advice
March 3Distance, Counting
March 5Combinatorial Proofs
March 10Countability, Computability
March 12Probability
March 17Laws of Probability, Conditional Probability, Bayes's Rule
March 19Bayes's Rule, Conditional Independence
March 31Mutual Independence, Random Variables
April 2Expected Values
April 7Laws of Expectation
April 9Variance, Poisson Random Variables, Joint PMFs
April 14Covariance, Inequalities
April 16Sample Means, Law of Large Numbers, Confidence Intervals, Continuous RVs
April 21Probability Distribution Functions, Gaussian Random Variables
April 23Gaussian RVs, Central Limit Theorem

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