Mutable Functions - Wed, Oct 2

Remember to review the last lecture that you skipped!


Let's model a bank account that has a balance of $100.

>>> withdraw = make_withdraw(100)

>>> withdraw(25)

>>> withdraw(25)

>>> withdraw(60)
'Insufficient funds'

>>> withdraw(15)

Non-Local Assignment & Persistent Local State

def make_withdraw(balance):
    """Return a withdraw function with a starting balance."""
    def withdraw(amount):
        nonlocal balance
        if amount > balance:
            return 'Insufficient funds'
        balance = balance - amount
        return balance
    return withdraw

Effect of Non-Local Statements

Effect: Future assignments to that name change its pre-existing binding in the first non-local frame of the current environment in which that name is bound.

From the Python 3 Language Reference

Names listed in a nonlocal statement must refer to pre-existing bindings in an enclosing scope. Names listed in a nonlocal statement must not collide with pre-existing bindings in the local scope.

Python Particulars

Python pre-computes which frame contains each name before executing the body of a function. Within the body of a function, all instances of a name must refer to the same frame.