Introduction Lecture - Wed, Aug 28


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What is Computer Science

What is This Course About?

Managing complexity

An introduction to programming

Different types of languages: Scheme & SQL

A challenging course that will demand a lot of you


Asking questions is highly encouraged


Build good habits now.


An expression describes a computation and evaluates to a value.

Types of Expressions

Almost everything is written as a function call

Anatomy of a Call Expression

add ( 2 + 3 ) operator operand operand

Nested Expressions

mul(add(4, mul(4, 6)), add(3, 5))

Compound Expressions

# all the palindromes longer than 4
(w for w in words if w == w[::-1] and len[4]>4)

# all words that, backwards, are also a word
(w for w in words if w[::-1] in words and len(w)>=4)